Relocation Service

Our special offer for clients of relocation services: prompt and competent medical advice in case of illness

Professionals sent abroad by their companies, as well as their families, face specific difficulties in case of illness: they are unfamiliar with the local health system and their ability to communicate is hampered. Especially patients who need immediate and uninterrupted continuation of their medical treatment require propt and competent support.

The doctors of PatientCONSULT are well experienced advising international patients planning to live or already living in Germany.

We advise patients of all nationalities. It is particularly important to avoid language difficulties and misunderstandings in the case of an illness. We speak German, English, Italian, Russian, French and Spanish. In the case of other languages, we work together with translators.

Both the Basic-Health-Card and the VIP-Health-Card from PatientCONSULT provide clients of relocation services with prompt and competent medical advice in case of illness. Both are valid for a full year. Our services include

  • prompt appointments
  • comprehensive and clear advice concerning the illness
  • identification of specialized medical centers
  • organization and coordination of diagnosis and treatment in Germany

More information ca be found under: Basic-Health-Card, VIP-Health-Card

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