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As an independent medical consulting center, our services are strictly confidential.

Our Services

Our clients include patients of all nationalities both here in Germany and worldwide. A special service for foreign patients is that we offer an analytic comparison between the methods of treatment in the countries of origin and standards of therapy in Western Europe.

Advice for managers

Executives are faced with a number of delicate questions and decisions to make when their employees fall ill on a long-term basis. Our doctors provide you assurance by means of objective factual information about the illness and the appropriate way of dealing with ill employees in everyday work situations.

Medical advice in the case of health problems

People who have high responsibility jobs also have high expectations of themselves with respect to performance and duty. These people find it difficult to deal with health issues appropriately – often they ignore symptoms or put off necessary visits to the doctor. Particular difficulties arise in cases of job related foreign assignments – the health system is unfamiliar, communication is difficult.

We answer any medical questions executive staff may have in a quick, unbureaucratic manner. In the case of illness, PatientCONSULT provides your employees with assurance through competent, prompt medical counseling. In addition we relieve your employees of further burdens by assisting them in organizing all appointments involving diagnosis and therapy.

Medical coaching in difficult life circumstances

We offer medical coaching on an individual basis adapted to specific needs for key employees with prolonged health problems (e.g. rheumatic disease, cancer) or threatening cases of mental crises (e.g. burn out, alcohol problems). Our advice is based on the current situation and we clarify options for medical treatment. Together with the patient, we develop ways of dealing appropriately with the situation. A neutral, flexible setting enables us to find solutions that meet both professional and everyday needs – at work and at home.


Members of our staff speak German, English, Russian, Italien, Spanish and French. We work with interpreters for all other languages.

We would be glad to discuss your needs and ideas in a personal meeting.

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